Wholesale Candied Cherries Manufacturer, Bulk Glazed Cherries Exporter & Supplier

We export the fresh cherry and glazed cherries as wholesale. We wholesale and export red cherry candies used to enrich cake and cake presentations. 1 kilogram and 5 kilograms of maraschino cherries are wholesale from the factory.

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Pitted Seedless Candied Cherry

On top of cups, banana splits in cafes; Pitted seedless candied cherries that are used as an ornament to fruit cocktails in bars. Usually its integral base is white cream.

We have a market share of 20% of the candied cherry used in the pastry sector in our field with our more than 20 wholesaler network channels and more than 20 products.

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Candied cherries in syrup, Maraschino Cherry

Fresh cherries are shipped to the processing facility before quality candied cherries in syrup are produced. The quality of our candied cherries comes from quality cherries. We supply maraschino cherry, candied cherries, glazed cherries, canned cherries and food to large supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers and traditional markets.

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Bulk Red glace cherries 1 KG, 5 KG

You can order red glace cherry candies in 1 kilogram or 5 kilograms in bulk. We can give quotes to your orders as FOB or CIF prices.

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Wholesale Candied Fruit

We sell fruit candies wholesale to the whole world at competitive prices.

Fruit candies made with hard fruits give better results than soft fruits (such as strawberries, shrubs). Apricots, sour cherries or cherries, peaches, pears and plums are the most favorable fruits. For better results, it is recommended to keep the fruits in small amounts. Small fruits (such as cherries or cherries) are only pitted. Large fruits (such as apricot, plum, peach) are peeled and divided into two or four. It is better to sugar each fruit alone so that it does not lose its flavor. In fact, fruit candies are traditionally made in almost the entire Mediterranean. In addition, tropical fruit varieties fuit candies are produced. Fresh, fully ripe fruits are coated with sugar and glucose syrup to preserve their original color and aroma.

Bulk Candied Cherry Exporter, Maraschino Cherry Supplier

We are progressing towards becoming one of the worldwide candied cherry suppliers that wholesale and exports maraschino cherries.